Sunday, March 14, 2010

UPDATES on Prayers & Help

UPDATES - Prayers & Help

I should have posted this earlier but as many of you may know this was very close to home for me - Layla Grace - this sweet little girl earned her Angel Wings on March 9, 2010 after battling Stage 2 Neuroblastoma. Please pray for her family as they learn each day anew without their little girl. Holding your child while they take their last breath is amazing and something that should never happen. I can remember nothing else about the day that my little Aiden died except holding him and those last 2 breaths. Knowing my angel is in God's arms now is the only thing that gets me through some days. Someone once told me that no matter how many times you have experienced holidays, shopping, everyday tasks, they will all be firsts again and it is so true.

One of my blog friends is needing prayers, Nic has had a rash and burning sensations as well as purple feet and elevated pulse. She needs prayers for healing and getting diagnosis/treatment.  SHE IS WEARING A HEART MONITOR AND IS ALSO GOING TO A DERMATOLOGIST ON TUESDAY.

Another blog friend, Southern Inspiration's friend Mary has fought breast cancer and recently had a stroke and is having multiple seizures. WAITING ON HER MRI RESULTS.

Stephanie and Steven who lost their baby before they got to know her - Carried Through Grief

NEW - Casey is currently battling late stage lyme disease and my symptoms are really bad right now and she is in a lot of physical pain. You can read more here or on her regular blog.
I know I am missing several others that need prayers, please let me know so that I can update this list.


Evan is a very little boy who needs "cosmetic" surgery (as the insurance companies call it) to restore his ears. His mother's insurance will not pay for the surgery because they say it is not necessary but cosmetic. How can they do that to anyone?! Please read the newspaper article about little Evan and his mother, Angela, who is Advocate and Voice. She is also working with Cedars-Sinai to receive any available discounts on Evan's procedure, estimated to cost more than $80,000 and they are having to pay for it out of their pockets so anything you can offer them is greatly appreciated. - ANGELA IS POSSIBLY LOOKING INTO PAYPAL ACCOUNT BUT ANYONE CAN SEND DONATIONS TO:
     WEST MONROE, LA  71292


Nic said...

Bless you! I teared up when I seen you asked for prayer for me!! Thank you!!!

Franchesca Cox said...

thank you for the updates :)

Casey said...

Thank you for including me, I truly appreciate it. I am praying for everyone else daily.