Monday, September 28, 2009

Doctor's Appt & Big Brother's Prayers

We have started our biweekly checkups that includes ultrasounds to monitor Aiden's growth. With my other 2 pregnancies toward the end of each pregnancy I loved hearing the boys' heartbeats but hated to make that 1 1/2 hour drive each way every week to 2 weeks, especially since I would only be in the doctor's office for 10 - 20 minutes each time. This time is different, Shane & I listen to the heartbeat almost every night but this time when we go to the doctor we have the ultrasound and get to see what progress Aiden is making and see that adorable face. I think he kind of looks like Mason but who knows. Last week we had also planned on visiting with the NICU doctors to get ourselves and the hospital prepared but after calling and waiting that did not happen.

Anyway on to the good stuff, I have to say I love Tina, our ultrasound tech, she takes time to look at everything and explains things that she sees that, of course, we do not see. During this visit, we were looking at his organs and growth, he is still down about 2 weeks in size but that has stayed consistent from the initial diagnosis so that is a good thing. A very positive note, even with the chromosonal abnormality he has not shown many of the developmental issues that are attributable to Trisomy 18. He is still progressing each and every day. That is not to say that the diagnosis has changed but it is a good sign for his birth and life ( at least in my opinion).

We continue to pray for his healing, that will not change but now as we get closer to his birth, Shane & I have a lot of decisions to make that no parent should ever have to think about. At the next doctor's appointment we have scheduled to meet with the NICU doctors to discuss everything. We seek His guidance in our decisions and the decisions of the doctors from this point on. A very important decision that has to be made is whether to induce early or let me go naturally. A little history, Hunter came naturally 3 weeks early and I was induced 2 weeks early with Mason because of how quickly I progress. The longer he is inside the better for him but if I am not in the hospital from the onset of labor the doctors cannot monitor him. Remember this birth is not about my health but about Aiden's so I want everything done possible.

1. Continue to pray for Aiden's healing.
2. Pray for His guidance in our decisions for Aiden.
3. Pray for doctor, nurses, and hospital that will be in contact with us and Aiden.
4. Pray for our family

I wanted to share with you the best prayer of all, every night after reading the boys a bedtime book we say prayers and Hunter's prayer like most children is "I lay me down to sleep . . ." but at the end we add "God Bless . . ." and the boys add who they want. Hunter's has been "God Bless baby Aiden and please let me come and meet his mommy & daddy and play with his big brothers." A big brother's love before he has even met his little brother exceeds all!!!