Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last Week's Ultrasound - Aug 19, 2009

A week behind - We had an ultrasound and doctor's visit on Wednesday, August 19. We arrived at the doctor's office, I signed in and told the receptionist I had my ultrasound scheduled first. She looked at her records and looked at me and said you don't have an appointment today for ultrasound or doctor, she said let me check with your nurse. Of course, my nurse Amy remembered she had scheduled this and my next appointment at the same time and we were told that Tina, the ultrasound tech would fit us in but we would have to wait a little bit. They went ahead and did the yucky stuff, weighing in, blood pressure and stick test then back to the waiting room. Sitting there, I began to look at all the expectant mothers coming in with their husbands and realized this would probably be a long wait, but after approx 45 minutes or so, Tina called us back. Tina is the one who originally looked at Aiden, so she knew everything about our situation.

We told her his name and she began the ultrasound. For those of you who know me pretty well you know my love of the internet, so I had already done my research about Trisomy 18 and knew what I wanted to look at. She looked at Aiden's heart which showed all 4 chambers and no signs of distress, holes, etc. She then looked at his kidneys, lungs, an stomach, which showed no signs of abnormalities. She then went to the good stuff - his sweet little face and his arms and his legs.
She tried desperately to get a good profile shot for me but my little Aiden would not cooperate, every time she would rest her hand/arm to take a picture he would kick where her hand was. I should tell you on the way to the doctor I had been praying that Aiden would "be a little show-off" and kick and move as much as he wanted! T18 babies have decreased fetal movement/activity and until this point I would feel him but not as consistently as my other 2 boys. So for him to be doing this was very exciting for me and every day since then I have felt him move more and more! He is definitely my little fighter and show-off, he might show Mason up a little!

Tina spent more time with us than she really had but I am so greatful she did, every picture I have of him is very special. That is why for now, I'm keeping these personal - Sorry!
We saw Dr. Wilson after that and with the diagnosis Aiden has everything looks positive. My prayers for the day had been answered.

Please understand I know the diagnosis but I also know that God is the Healer! and through Him and prayer all things are possible. Remember this diagnosis is not about me and my health but about Aiden!

Our continued request is to pray for Aiden's healing and giving Shane & I peace knowing the decisions we make are the right ones for Aiden.

Father, the Lord Jesus has taught me to ask, seek, and knock. I ask you to grant healing to Aiden. I seek you for the release of your power into him life. I am knocking for the blessing of physical and spiritual wholeness in Aiden's life. Matthew 7:7

Father I ask in the name of Jesus for You to heal Aiden so that you might be glorified. Grant healing to Aiden so that people might praise You and honor You for your love, compassion, and power. John 11:4, Acts 4:21

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hunter's 1st Day of Kindergarten

I cannot believe my baby is starting kindergarten this year. Really where does time go? At first he was a little scared of having homework but he is so excited when I pick him up in the afternoon and he goes home to his little table and chair and pulls out his folder and starts his homework. This has to be done before snacks and playing. His teachers are Ms. Cherie and Ms. Corey. He only went 1/2 day on Friday so he was really excited plus his best friend, Noah, was riding to Ms. Debra's on the bus with him. He was a little upset when he walked into his room and realized that he and Noah were on the same row but on different ends - good idea, Ms. Cherie!!! Otherwise, his apple would be on the trunk or in the bucket everyday for talking or something. The Saturday before school started, Hunter & I went to Monroe for his shopping day, he helped me pick out his clothes and school supplies and we went to lunch together and did what he wanted to do - this was his day! We did not find a backpack that he liked so we ordered one and of course it had to have his name on it, so needless to say it did not get here until the 2nd full day of school.Hunter Bray - Happy 1st Day of Kindergarten 2009!!

On our way to school

At his desk (& yes it is in front of the teacher's - another smart move, Ms. Cherie!)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Vacation - Gulf Shores 2009

I have been meaning to post this for awhile but just getting around to it. We took the boys to Gulf Shores this year (or as Shane would say every year). To Shane - I promise we will go somewhere else next year but it will still have a beach!!! Hunter decided this year he really liked the gulf, he would have stayed all day/night if we let him. For someone who did not like swimming lessons, he loves the water, he had his boogie board and was ready to go. Mason was not so fond of the waves but loved the sand and the swimming pool, so every afternoon we would leave the beach a little early and go to the pool and swim. He has no fear, he will jump in even if you are not close enough. His "no fear" attitude scares me a little but I'm glad he will try most anything. This was a very bittersweet vacation for Shane & I, we had found out the morning we left that there was a great chance that Aiden (our unborn sweet angel) had Trisomy 18 and it was confirmed while we were on our trip. But we had promised the boys we would go to the beach and that is where we went, tears and laughter following. (ignore dates - OF COURSE - I never noticed it was not set)

My little surfer boy - yes that was supposed to be daddy's board but Hunter took it.

The He-Man (he can do everything on his own)

Riding the ferry