Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Friday November 6th

Today we went to our last doctor appointment & ultrasound before meeting the newest addition to our family. Of course I tried to talk the doctor into going one more week without any luck. We will be delivering baby Aiden at St. Francis Hospital on Friday, Nov. 6. We arrive at 6:00 am with the c-section to start at 8:00 am. We went to the hospital today to get all the labwork done so we will be ready to go. I have been hesitate about having a c-section but I know that this will put less stress on Aiden and that is the important thing and Dr. Wilson has assured me that he has not had a problem yet.

At the ultrasound, Aiden was proving he is definitely one of our little boys, he was very stubborn and would not show us a good profile no matter what Tina tried, but we did get some good pictures. Tina has been our ultrasound tech from the beginning with the exception of one time when we saw Tracey, both have been great and tried to answer all questions and show us everything - We want to thank them very much!!!

In less than 2 days we will meet Aiden, not knowing what to expect or what the future holds, we are both joyful and saddened that the long pregnancy is over.

Stephanie Thornton will be at the hospital to record all the memories of the day, as this is very important to us and we are greatful to have a good friend/photographer to do this for us. Many people have asked about coming to the hospital and we would love the visitors. We want Aiden to know and if possible see everyone that has been praying for him. With that being said, this journey has led us down a road with many unknowns and questions, this part of the journey is over with another behind it. We pray for wisdom on ours and the doctors part. Please pray for baby Aiden and myself Friday morning and Godspeed.


Anonymous said...

Shane and Ashley,
I have never met you personally, but grew up in Lake Providence. My mother battled a long illness, so I know firsthand the power of prayer and support that is offered from the wonderful people of our sweet town. I just wanted you to know that my family will be joining them and so many others in praying for you, and your 3 boys in the morning and throughtout your journey.

Carrie Howard Uberecken

Bee-Vine Creations said...

You will all be lifted up. I know Dr. W will take good care of you. He went the extra mile for me.

Tessa Stutts said...

Will be thinking and praying for you, aiden, shane, and your boys tomorrow. You will do fine with the section. I had 2 with no problems; much easier than being in labor!!

Much love,
Tessa Stutts

Anonymous said...

I do not know you personally either, and also grew up in Lake Providence. Please know that I have been and will continue to lift all of you up in prayer. I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning.

Much love,
Leslie McKenzie Knight

lindsey said...

We're praying for you guys that you will have strength and perseverance, and we will continue to claim healing for your precious Aiden. Much love