Saturday, November 14, 2009

Greetings from the 4th Floor of St. Francis Hospital

All is well tonight, Aiden is stable with the breathing tube removed. He has been off of the respirator for 36 hours and doing great. He is looking better each time we go back and see him.

He enjoys the touch of his parents, friends and family.

We now have this thing removed out of his mouth. They started the feeding this afternoon. So far all looks well. They had started some medication for the anticipation of feeding for 2 days now.

Ashley was able to hold him for a while this week, she was so excited. Thank you A.C. for the help and support for that. I did get to hold him today as well. Sarah took my camera card before I could copy the pictures, so they are coming soon. Also pics of the boys coming in to see Aiden are coming soon too. The boys were very excited to be able to see their little brother. They had to put on the gown, gloves, the dr hat and a mask. They looked so cute, the nursing staff gave them stethescopes, tongue depressors, and all the other stuff that would make them think they were doctors. They were saying, " Look we are doctors". It was so cute.
Aiden has been moved from his little bed to an incubator. Its a change to see him inside a clear box, but the nurses all say that it is best for him and also its an improvement for him.
Thanks to all of our family and friends that have called, texted, or came by. It goes to show a person how much others think about others. It truly shows compassion. Its a blessing to give and recieve. I hope all have enjoyed seeing Aiden as much as we like to show him to our friends and family. We are so proud of our little miracle. He truly is a miracle!


lindsey said...

Yes, he IS a miracle!!! I love the pics and all the praises! He is such a handsome boy!

Shellie Tomlinson said...

Praise God thru whom all blessings flow. We are rejoicing with y'all, sweet folks and continuing to pray! Thanks for letting us be a part of sharing your miracle.

Vicki said...

I come here every day hoping for an update and new pictures. I LOVE seeing him and he is PRECIOUS!! It must have felt like a dozen Christmas mornings put all together to finally get to hold him :-).

Thanks for sharing him with us!

Jessica said...

Praise the Lord. I haven't left a comment before but I continue to follow your blog. I am Shellie's daughter and Phillip's sister Jessica. You both are so strong and your son is a miracle. He is constantly in my prayers and I thank the Lord he is here with us now. Congrats!

The Sabbatinis said...

Aiden is a handsome fella!!! We continue to pray for you guys and we can't wait to meet him!!He is truly a miracle!! Clay and Brandi are keeping us updated!! Big Hugs to ya'll!!!

kathleen condrey said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I loved getting to meet sweet Aiden! He is a fighter and a little miracle. You, Shane, Hunter, Mason and Aiden continue to be in our prayers.
Can't wait to see how much Aiden has grown when I come for my next visit.
Don't forget to take care of YOU-for you are special to so many!!