Monday, November 16, 2009

Hunter & Mason visit the NICU

Last Wednesday Hunter and Mason were allowed back into the NICU from an order written by our NICU Dr. This was a suggestion from one of the nurses, thank you J.P. The boys had to put on the gowns, gloves, mask and they added the dr. cap last. They were excited to see their little brother for the first time since he was born, so far all they had seen of him was about 10 seconds when they moved him from the surgery to the NICU. Hunter tried to follow us but we had to stop him. The boys were also excited to dress up and put on all the dr stuff. We got suited up and then went on back. We had a great visit with the boys acting like perfect angels, well as perfect as a 5 year old and a 2 year old can act. They were good. Hunter kept wanting to touch baby Aiden, Ashley helped him to touch his feet then the top of his head. Mason then wanted to touch him as well. They did enjoy seeing their baby brother for the first time and ask now when they can go back to see him again. We shall see, Aiden is doing great. They have increased his feeding rates again, he has gained weight, all seems to be coming along fine now. All the problems that we have faced are from him being a premie and none really so far from the Trisomy 18. What a blessing he has been to us and others. Thank you for the continuing prayers, thoughts and visits. This has shown many people how friends can affect others. We have had so many comments of how many people have come to visit and are allowed to visit with baby Aiden. We love for our friends and family to go back and visit with him. God is great! Enjoy the pictures and thank you!

Shane, Ashley, Hunter, Mason and Aiden

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Anonymous said...

God is great! I am so moved by the pictures that i am at a loss for words, which for me is unusual. All i can say is Praise to God, and what a joy!

sandy and barry