Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekly Appointments - October 21, 2009

We have started weekly doctor and ultrasound appointments to monitor Aiden's growth/progress. As of now, he is not gaining weight like he should and my fluid is getting low so that is not helping. So my doctor with the guidance of the perinatologist has decided that we should deliver Aiden via c-section in 1.5 -2 weeks to give him the best chance. He is breech so this is the reason for the c-section plus it will be less stress on him not having to go through a regular labor/birth.

During all pregnancies, they look for signs of how the baby is doing i.e. lung development/breathing, heart beating regularly, movement, etc. They are 8 things that are looked at regularly during ultrasounds and so far he has 8 positives out of 8 - so this is good thing.

I really wanted to wait as long as possible for his birth to give him every opportunity to gain weight and get stronger but I have come to realize that I have done what I can and need to hand it over to the NICU pediatricians to take over. I have full faith in them and know they will support my wishes and take care of my little boy.

We have 2 more visits before we set the date, it could be Nov. 5 or the week after, so it's time to get everything ready and in a hurry. We can't wait to meet him and love him. Please continue to pray for this special little boy, he means the world to his parents and his brothers.

1. Continue to pray for Aiden's healing.
2. Pray for HIS guidance in our decisions for Aiden.
3. Pray for the doctors and nurses that will be in contact with Aiden.
4. Pray for Aiden to gain weight before his birth.

I want to thank everyone for reading, commenting, loving, and praying for our little Aiden.


Sherry said...

Ashley, I love your blog. Thank you for posting all this precious information for us. I will continue to keep Aiden and your entire family, drs. and nurses in my prayers.

Lea said...

Ashley, You, little Aiden and your family will be in our prayers in an extra special way these coming days. I pray that God's peace will give you comfort during this most uncertain time. You are loved! Ms. Lea

Gwen said...

Ashley, just know that with ALL the blessings of God we are praying for little Aiden. God's grace is plentiful and I know his grace will reign down on little Aiden. Praying for your little one.May God Bless each of you.
Gwen Chappell