Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doctor's Visit - 10/07/2009

I know I'm a week behind posting but it's been a busy week - I'll get to that later.

First we had the ultrasound, this time with Tracy, who we have not seen before but liked very much. Tina had already discussed Aiden with her so she would know everything and this made it a lot easier on us. She took her time and looked at everything and patiently and honestly answered our questions along the way. Aiden continues to grow at a slow but consistent pace from week to week and he continues to amaze us with how active and difficult he can be during our appointments. We continue to see no problems with his organs and he looks great. He is being a little difficult in that he is not letting us get a good profile shot of his adorable face but I know he will in his own time. He is breech as of right now and from doctor's perspective they don't think he will change into a good position for a natural birth so we may be looking at a c-section. This concerns me b/c it is surgery and that scares me but I have already told the doctors that anytime during labor if he went into distress that we would do a c-section but knowing that before hand is different. But whatever works for Aiden works for me!!

Next we met with Dr. Payne, one of the NICU doctors at St. Francis, she was very nice and answered questions and talked about her concerns. One praise that we definitely had was about his organs developing as they should, she confirmed that if they did not show any signs of problems then they would not develop later, she then inserted- but that ultrasound don't/can't always show everything. I continue to have faith that his organs are perfect and developing. She was very informative and requested that we continue with a written birthing plan to at least give the doctors, nurses, and hospital a starting point but that nothing would be set in stone.

Next we saw my doctor, I have started having Braxton Hicks contractions that wake me up at night and some swelling which luckily did not really concern my doctor at this point in the pregnancy. He did change me from biweekly to weekly appointments and continue biweekly ultrasounds to monitor Aiden's growth/progress. He suggested that we possibly do a c-section somewhere between 35 - 37 weeks because of Aiden's position. I'm opposed to this because I want to let Aiden grow as much as possible before his birth.

So as of right now, we are continue to work on a birthing plan and seek HIS guidance in this process. We also celebrate everyday that we have with Aiden, now and after his birth.

1. Continue to pray for Aiden's healing.
2. Pray for HIS guidance in our decisions for Aiden.
3. Pray for the doctors, nurses, and hospital that will be in contact with Aiden.
4. Pray for our family.
5. Pray that Aiden is able to move into position for his birth and if not for comfort during the c-section.

I should also say that I have the BEST FRIENDS in the world, they surprised me and took me to a day spa and shopping this past Saturday - THANK YOU SO MUCH! Since I didn't know what was going on I didn't take a camera, so as soon as I highjack some pics from them I will blog it. Plus it got me out of the house while my dear hubby and his dad redid our back patio, which they did a excellent job on.

I promise I will try to be quicker about updating everyone on Aiden and our family.

Thank you and God Bless.


kathleen condrey said...

So sorry I missed the "Spa Day"!! We were at the LSU game-or I would have been there! Hope you enjoyed yourself and were able to relax!
We continue to pray for all of you! Thanks for keeping us all updated!

lindsey said...

Just thinking about you tonight and hoping you are encouraged. I read this verse the other day and have been clinging to it since..."the fear of the Lord leads to life, and whoever has it rests satisfied; he will not be visited by harm." Proverbs 19:23 I hope it gives you comfort as well...

I'm so glad Aiden continues to look so well and that your faith seems so strong. And, I'm glad you were able to get out with the gals and pamper yourself!

Much love always,