Sunday, August 09, 2009

Vacation - Gulf Shores 2009

I have been meaning to post this for awhile but just getting around to it. We took the boys to Gulf Shores this year (or as Shane would say every year). To Shane - I promise we will go somewhere else next year but it will still have a beach!!! Hunter decided this year he really liked the gulf, he would have stayed all day/night if we let him. For someone who did not like swimming lessons, he loves the water, he had his boogie board and was ready to go. Mason was not so fond of the waves but loved the sand and the swimming pool, so every afternoon we would leave the beach a little early and go to the pool and swim. He has no fear, he will jump in even if you are not close enough. His "no fear" attitude scares me a little but I'm glad he will try most anything. This was a very bittersweet vacation for Shane & I, we had found out the morning we left that there was a great chance that Aiden (our unborn sweet angel) had Trisomy 18 and it was confirmed while we were on our trip. But we had promised the boys we would go to the beach and that is where we went, tears and laughter following. (ignore dates - OF COURSE - I never noticed it was not set)

My little surfer boy - yes that was supposed to be daddy's board but Hunter took it.

The He-Man (he can do everything on his own)

Riding the ferry

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Lea said...

Loved your vacation pictures! And, I love the song you posted on your blog. I think of you often and pray God's peace and blessings on you and your sweet family.