Friday, January 02, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It's been awhile but Christmas this year has been a little hectic, between getting house decorated, buying presents, and parties it has been a whirlwind. I love the Christmas season and don't take enough pictures or time to really enjoy it. To catch up on all the festivities, I decided to take the week off from work and spend it with the boys doing whatever they wanted, we played, made Christmas candy, and watched movies. Basically we were lazy and enjoyed it. Hunter went hunting with daddy a lot and that gave Mason & me time together.
Our families are close but during Christmas season when we have to travel it's not close enough. First on Christmas Eve Eve (Tuesday before Christmas) my dad and his wife come over for pizza and presents. This is the first round of presents. Luckily, dad is on the practical side and buys only one toy each but they do get flashlights. As you will see my boys love flashlights and everyone knows this. Next on Christmas Eve, we go to the Bray Family (Bastrop, LA) and eat duck gumbo with Shane's side of the family, basically his parents, sister, and Aunt Donna & Uncle Kenneth and their kids. That is the second round of present opening (toys start flying!!!). We usually make it home by 11:00 pm or so, put the boys to bed and hopefully they have fallen asleep on the 1 hr drive home. On Christmas morning, Santa has arrived and brought presents galore we play for a little while before heading out again. Next stop is a late lunch at my mom's house (Monroe, LA) with my sister and brother in law and my brother and his kids (if in town) and of course this means more presents and more toys!!! After this we head home for the boys to play with Santa toys.
After all this my house looks like a tornado has come through but that is part of it. I hope everyone has had a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

Christmas EveWe are going to find Santa!!!!

Christmas morning

The one child's toy that the adults (you are reading this correctly) enjoyed most . . . two yellow remote controlled trucks that Aunt Donna gave the boys. The boys played with them forever and the adults enjoyed it even more. We didn't think Mason would figure out the remote but it took him a few minutes and he had it going and racing after Hunter, the trucks would chase the boys, each other and anything that came in it's path. The trucks also bounced up and down and played music which the boys would stop and dance and believe, those boys can't dance! But it was funny to watch.

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Shellie Tomlinson said...

Thanks for the sweet post! I've enjoyed visiting your blog, too. Your boys are absolutely adorable-- and what a fun age. Enjoy! But, do me a favor-- enjoy the next stage, too-- and the next one-- and the next one. :)